Winter As Training Tool

Not my Los Angeles winter. Your winter. A nice article I quite enjoyed from Running Times, which made me want to don cross country skis, snow shoes, etc. Worth a read. Here’s a little sample:

“Winter training makes you strong, flexible and tough,” Robinson says. “Strong because running through mud or snow builds running strength better than any gym, particularly the combination of leg lift and stride length, and the cardio capacity the effort produces. Flexible because you–and your hips, legs, knees, ankles and feet–learn to move flexibly over every kind of surface, and react to every surprise the terrain holds. When I was running across varied country every day, I never did stretches. The sticky ploughed fields or clumpy sodden grass stretched every muscle for me, with every stride. And my stretches were done at speed, which is surely what a runner needs. Tough because–well, it’s obvious. If you have trained in deep snow, or battled up a slippery hill into freezing sleet, or lifted your feet out of sticky clay for an hour, the race can hold no fear. If you do real winter training, Boston in April can throw nothing at you that you have not prepared for.”


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