This week, the question is, heading toward overtrained? Probably not, but time to ease off a little, me thinks.

Sunday. 3 miles with the group. We headed up a very steep, and frankly relentless, ridge trail, then back around the sweeping descent. I had no recollection of the trail being that steep, which I’d only run once before. (Mental note: Great for hiking, photos, etc.)

Monday. Rest.

Tuesday. Part 1. The “technical” day. Bounding, skipping. One-leg hopping with focus on driving the straight leg forward. Then the one moment I dread — the turn up to the piney slope. I got one good sprint in up the hill. Later we did a quarter, but it was crap. In fact, I literally stepped in some crap during the race, which was fitting. 2.25 miles.

Part 2.With my distance mentality, I could not let 2.25 stand as the day’s total. So ran this, perhaps a little too fast. All these “benchmarks” can just be racing your workout, which is often a bad idea. Came upon something in Runner’s World about over-training that has given me pause. This should have been a recovery run, not another workout.

5.02 miles     39:08     7:48 min/mile

Wednesday. This was my Beacon Hill workout. Loved it. Possibly a tad more stress than I needed.

6.07 miles     1:02     10:18 min/mile

Thursday. Finally a sensible pace. Quite happy about this. I say that because I’ve been achy and really, for me, been piling on the miles. School’s out next week, probably a good thing as it’ll be hard to indulge in a heck of a lot of running.

7.56 miles     1:08     9:05 min/mile   [9:11, 8:46, 9:00, 9:16, 9:14, 9:10, 9:04]

Friday. Another relaxed 5. I was going to take it off, but realized I’m taking tomorrow off.

5.04 miles     44:35     8:51 min/mile   [8:55, 8:33, 8:47, 8:50, 9:09]

Total for the week: 28.94 miles


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