With these two runs, back into the mileage. Yesterday’s run was unfortunate in that I lost my car key (second time, no replacement), which led to a minor adventure and the inevitable outflow of funds (approximately the cost of a new pair of Hokas – glad I got those for free). I include the “looking for car key” mile splits for amusement. What happened was I was wearing gloves as it was 39 degrees F and just lost touch of the key without that skin to key contact – forgot it was in my hand – sigh.

As a further side note, ran yesterday’s run with the Brooks Pure Flows. Quite like the shoe, but may take a little getting used to. I don’t have any other shoes up my sleeves (so to speak), just this little flurry of shoe purchases. I think it will be interesting to be switching out shoes, see the feedback from the legs and joints, etc.

Today: 1:05     7.53 miles     8:40 min/mile

Yesterday: 1:17     7.88 miles     9:48 min/mile

8:51   8:03   9:56   10:11   11:04   10:22   10:00   9:58

For the week, with Saturday to go:

21.46 miles



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