Put on the racing flats and the body just says run fast. Will have to be careful when I put these shoes on. There were some moments, again, as yesterday with the PureFlows that I felt the form was coming together, the right foot was carrying its share. Now I have a shoe for every occasion, it seems. In fact, the wife pointed to a spot in the hall closet and said, “that’s you’re shoe whore area.” Great pre-travel jaunt.

5.06 miles      38:02     7:30 min/mile


2 thoughts on “Celebrate!

  1. magnus26 Post author

    Well, I’m not in that league! I currently have 4 pairs in active circulation. That’s it. 1 pair, I admittedly totally forgot about. I paid like $40 for an old model of the Brooks Trance 8 (current model Trance *11*, this kind of shocks me, actually — currently $112 on sale). Three recent purchases, but due to the miracle of Zappos totally screwing up, I paid only about $120 for four pairs of shoes, including two pairs of Hokas. I’m trying to keep the $$ amount pretty low…


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