Happy New Year


On way, tomorrow, to take in some little municipal facility they call “Central Park”. Have weathered the holidays quite well, in terms of getting out on the road, but not sure how the travel schedule will go. Here’s the pre-travel week:

Sunday:  More like a hike with just one other runner. A beautiful trail where deer come down to a creek. Not only was there deer and some good muddy trails, but also some rock climbing.Even for one week, I shall miss this park!  2.11 miles   12:56 min/mile    27:15

Monday:  Really pleased with this one — got out for 8 road miles on Christmas Eve. Hadn’t dreamed of it, frankly. It has been raining and was raining some on Monday and the lower sections, Crystal Springs trail, would be swampy. So I donned the Hoka One One Stinson Evo Tarmacs (how’s that for a mouthful, if not completely correct, I forget) and was not sorry. These shoes are truly wonderful marshmallows. Though I’m making room in the repertoire for other shoes, to work on form, these will be my long run shoes, and quite likely the go to for Half Marathons. I deleted the first three miles of the run while running it (an excellent feature), which I ran at about 8:30 pace. The data for the last 5 miles:

5.12 (8 miles total!) miles     8:10 min/mile     41:46

Tuesday:  Near astonished that I got out for a Christmas day run, too. In the morning I took the family for a hike in the same spot where I ran on Sunday, and again we caught a deer. The run was just 5 road miles, again avoiding the swampiness. I took the Brooks PureFlow out for a spin. Switching back and forth from the Hokas to the PureFlows is quite an adjustment. But I am quite liking these shoes. Nice minimal feel. Around the last mile I was really enjoying myself, feeling that something was clicking with form.

4.95 miles     8:07 min/mile     40:10

It is my great hope that I might sneak in something today, a pre-travel jaunt, after the rain clears. And even perhaps document some of my New York miles, should they materialize. We shall see. Happy New Year!




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