Best Vacation Running Ever: The Central Park Loop


The thing is, I far surpassed my own expectations and ran over to the park on four different days to run the 6 mile loop around Central Park. Thirty miles during vacation is just unheard of for me. I became smitten, though did find all the road running a bit of an adjustment. From day one:

Made it into Central Park this morning. Did the six mile loop, but even with the Hokas, or perhaps because of them, it felt like a lot of road running. I threw my lot in with a fit looking runner who seemed initially to be running an 8:30 pace, but by mile 5 she had disappeared ahead. Her pace, it seems, was truly 7:00. Perhaps the 32 degrees F temperature contributed to the sluggish feeling.

Most days I found someone to humble me in the park, or keep me focussed. When you find a runner in Central Park, they mean business. The loop itself is scenic enough, with rambling hills. I like what one poster at a running website said about it: “If you’re from Florida it’s mountainous, if you’re from Colorado it’s flat as a pancake.” I have to agree. Some good steady grades, but nothing terribly challenging. Most days it was 30 degrees. And yesterday when I saw the temp was 20 degrees, I simply waited until it was 26 and headed out.

I’m very much looking forward to donning a lighter pair of shoes and scampering around Griffith Park!

12/29     57:09     7.02 miles     8:08 min/mile    

8:17   7:14   7:26   7:54   8:03   7:38   10:21

The following was my snow-day-in-Riverside-Park run with my daughter. Amusing and fun.

12/30     38:29     2.83 miles    13:36 min/mile  

13:02   13:06   14:52

12/31     1:02         7.45 miles     8:25 min/mile    

9:41   7:46   7:29   7:45   7:44   7:54   9:10   11:43

1/1         1:00         7.38 miles     8:12 min/mile    

9:38   8:17   7:41   7:45   7:39   7:11   8:28   10:00

1/2        1:00          7.16 miles     8:31 min/mile    

9:38   8:10   8:18   8:20   7:36   7:57   9:21   9:57


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