Sussing Out the New Year’s Resolution

Today’s run: 41:01   3.17 miles in the hills   12:56 min/mile   Great to be back in Griffith Park!

So, though I don’t really worship at the altar of the New Year, it is a natural time for goal setting. For now, have some vague race goals which will firm up as I run some more “trials”. The main thing is to run a faster half marathon. And a 5k and 10k along the way, at least. In terms of pure running, the main goal is to introduce even more variety. For the moment, if I can keep my mileage at around 30 miles that should be fine. Until I get closer to the half (probably May).

But to really get bang for the buck, I’m going to have to add some kind of strength work, it seems to me. This is hard, because I’ve not incorporated strength work since a period in 2000 when I went to the gym. Nothing since.

So I think the goal is just this: Do something every day. Just one thing. It could be some core work — planks or something. It could be a squat with the kettle bell.* Push ups. Whatever. That’s the resolution. I’ll post some of the exercises I find.

*In fact, I believe it will be squats with kettle bell. There has got to be a way for those things to see the light of day! Long have they been neglected. I’ll start (have started) with the 16 kg (22 pounds) and at some point, move up to 20 kg. For sheer lunatic enthusiasm, near infomercial pitch (“sculpt your butt”!), here’s a link on the merits of the kettle bell squat. Mostly I think it’s true.


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