Into the Hills, Again


Delicious post-run lassitude — I feel a nap coming on. Today there were many participants. It was 34 degrees in the park when we started, quite bracing. Quite happy to have the long running pants I picked up at Nike Town in mid-Manhattan.

We went straight up near Bee Rock, then up again, like vertical, hands necessary, a distinctly non-trail affair. This was mostly hiking, with some sections of running. Very nice strengthening work out. Twice today I thought the workout was over, only to be surprised! Midway down the long winding descent we meet the coach who says, “Right on time!” and “Why are you walking like Donald Duck?” He has us do some sprints up the piney slope.  Then some easy downhill running. Then a downhill race. (I got paired with a younger, more athletic fellow, but who’s out of shape. Coach has a real knack for race pairings.) Then some 15 second sprints. There it must be done now. But just around the corner, he sets up another race. Great stuff.

One of the runners has stopped picking on my right foot. It seems to be correcting. Now she’s barking about my arms. “With intention!”

Southern food potluck to follow this evening.

36:33 (moving time)     2.93 miles     12:27 min/mile


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