Grassy Slopes

Sore ribs, the intercostals, I believe. A lazy day, post-workout. Kids downstairs streaming Leave It to Beaver. Been doing some squats with the kettle bells. Possibly too many. A jaunt today into the park with a slowly materializing group. The usual routine. Near vertical hiking followed by sprints, maybe you would call them strides. Unusually, we cut across from one ridge to another, to take a look at a spot called “grassy slopes”. The hillside there is precipitously steep — we were guessing about a 70 percent grade. If you rolled down I don’t think there’d be any way to stop, short of getting impaled by a tree branch. But mostly it’s just grassy, and a nice green since the rains. At some point we’ll be running “traverses” down and across and up, which should be remarkable.

Post-hike we ran 18 x 15 second sprints. In sets of three. I was instructed to keep the arms closer to the body. It’s the arms, now. I would have been happy to stop at 1.34 miles. The whole workout was about 3 miles. The body is achy, but good.

Found some interesting reading lately on the healthy relationship of fatigue and recovery, will post.


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