10 Great Reads For Runners — or Some Links I Found in 2012

A few blogs I like, about running, in no particular order. I don’t claim they were all written in 2012. Just that’s when I found them… I’m still scratching the surface on fitness blogs, and every once in a while I find a whole other motherlode of goodness. I think you’ll find these to be of pretty uniformly high quality. Happy reading, imbibing, absorbing and implementing.

1. Coach Jay Johnson. Experienced coach links to his articles on other sites. Here’s a post with some quotes of wisdom — some thoughts to consider, if you will. Doesn’t post as often as I might like, but when it comes it’s usually worth it. His writing tends to the pithy, and that’s a good thing. For instance, the opening to this post: “‘I just had a great workout!’ Great. That’s fantastic. Now dial it back a bit.”

2. Running Competitor. I think I first heard about this site in relation to Matt Fitzgerald, who is a regular contributor (at least, perhaps his involvement goes deeper, I don’t know). Sponsored by Brooks, and there’s lots of good stuff here. For instance, just now I found this article titled “Should You Ditch Your GPS Watch?” Come on, runner, how can you not read that? If you can resist, how about these subheadings on the foibles related to GPS devices: 1. Constantly Adjusting Pace  2. Not Learning How to Pace Yourself  3. Always Pushing the Easy Days.

3. Sports Scientists. These guys. They wrote the book on The Runner’s Body, literally. Whenever I delve into their Running Technique section I find something useful. That’s a great section. There are 22 articles, and they are all very thoughtful and detailed and possibly more than you bargained for. Maybe start with the last one? It’s called Training Techniques to Improve Running Economy.

4. Endurance Base Camp. These guys offer coaching. They also feature some articles on strength training, which is how I came across them. Here’s a curious post to check out, among others, Mental Training for Endurance Athletes.

5. Best Running Tips. Not a site that appealed to me initially, I found it while looking for stuff related to increasing mileage. But it’s definitely worth a look, in particular the article on increasing your mileage.

6. Pfitzinger. Here’s an index of “dozens of articles”  by this name runner. I also found his site while reading up on mileage increases — and here’s one of his articles on that topic.

7. Strength Running. They try to sell your their book. I like their list of running books, definitely worth a look, if you need something to read. It is, in my opinion, a very good list of books. Again, I found this one while looking to increase mileage. They also have a very nice section on dynamic workouts, which I incorporated at one point and really should do so again.

8. Run Blogger. Shoe reviews and thoughtful, science-minded writing on minimalist trends. Recommended. You can use his code to save yourself some money, so, again, recommended. Here’s his review that put me on to the Saucony Grid Type A5. (Which I happen to be very happy with.)

9. Runners World – News Wire. Part of their new revamped site, which includes Running Times articles, too. Of course, there’s oodles of stuff here, for instance this piece: Running Economy Improves After 4 Weeks in Vibram FiveFingers. Resist that headline, if you can.

10. Can’t Stop Endurance. Not updated recently, but this little musing on getting tough is worth a dozen workouts.


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