Something Different

Actually, it’s the same some stuff, different bottle. Thought I might like to run my easy run with some hills. So went up from the Greek Theater side of the park, clad in the Saucony Grid A Type 5 or whatever they’re called — the racing flats. These felt a little odd on the trails, but after the steady slow hill up to Vista Del Valle, they were just right. I followed VDV to water tank 113 and headed back the same route. It’s was a cool, brilliant day, 55 degrees that felt 10 degrees cooler. No one out running at 11 a.m.

Link: In my reconnaissance for running links, found a really handy list at Rock Creek Runner that includes a couple I hadn’t seen before. It’s called “10 Best Running Blogs You Shouldn’t Train Without” and I recommend it highly — if you’re in the market for that sort of thing.

Here’s the data from today’s run:

56:44     5.95 miles     9:32 min/mile     10:02   10:28   9:22   8:34   9:24   9:24


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