Chinatown Firecracker 5k: February 24th

For logistical reasons ran to the park this morning, a novelty. The usual hiking and running, a bit longer than standard. I took it easy, did not push as I’m just not there yet and there’s — tomorrow. I wore the Brooks Trance. If ever a shoe died in my closet, this might be the shoe. Feels a little dead, especially on the roads.

I brought up whether anyone was planning on running the upcoming 5k. After some discussion, someone said, “Let’s keep talking about it.” (Not a lot of buy-in!). I said, “No, enough talk!”

So this morning I registered. It’s a hard, but not brutal course (without having run it, ha ha). I need this focus. Excited. The race page is here. I have 41 days to not train for a 5k — in that, my focus remains the half in May (need to sign up for that…). Still, there will be adjustments. I am committed to running my long runs S L O W L Y, and a bit longer. And to focus on the other runs, the arc of the training.

Somehow I got 27 miles in this week.

1:18     7.53 miles     10:26 min/mile     9:24   8:49   14:42   17:29   8:16   7:52   7:38   8:36


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