Back Into Training, In Earnest

Yesterday ran 15 second strides (I’m still unsure what to call them) in the park. It was a fairly long, steady uphill grade. Fiddling with my watch I inadvertently shut it off, so, shudder, no data. Well, minimal data. A good workout to get the 5k training started. We also dipped back for a little canyon hike over a rock face. And it was 32 degrees when we started. There’s some data for you. About 3 miles.

Recently found the Predawn Runner blog and very much enjoying his monthly roundups, he finds good stuff! Here’s a post called “14 Tricks to Jump Start Your Running Mojo” from a while back. I’m impressed enough with the approach and dedication, and somewhat in need of something running-related to read I went and sprang for his eBook, Running Ahead of the Sun, which I’m now reading.

Set aside a block of pages in a Moleskine notebook, and sketched out, in pencil, some training notes for the 5k.



2 thoughts on “Back Into Training, In Earnest

    1. magnus26 Post author

      Ah, my pleasure! I am enjoying the book and your blog — your dedication really shines through. In fact, you inspired me to try Runner’s Log and Daily Mile. Thanks for stopping by!


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