Yet Another Time Trial and the Importance of Plan B

Not so fast as the last one, but just 2 minute recoveries, whereas last time was 4 minute recoveries (and as such, not really a time trial at all, me thinks). In any case I ran, it just so happens — not planned! — 3.11 miles to warm up. Then 5 1-kilometer laps with 2 minute recoveries. Here are my min/mile paces, running in the Saucony racing flats:

6:24   6:32   6:32   6:39   6:38

The whole thing comes out to 20:18 for the time trial portion, rests excluded, about 4 minutes per km.

So now I have my paces for training! From this shall follow focus.

About a 6:30 min/mile for the 5K. This feels just about right, if a little conservative. The 19:30 from last time seemed fantastical. I wasn’t feeling so great today. Even with a late start it was just cold. I was thinking about a great post I’d read on Strength Running on the importance of Plan B workouts — considering just running something easier, but decided to give the time trial a try.

The entire run was 57 minutes for 7.04 miles, a pace of 8:04 min/mile.


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