Scouting Out the Course

5K scout

Between Dodger Stadium and Sunset Boulevard, one of the last big hills of the 5K. What lands are these?

Thinking about my 5K. I was not going to run it as a race — just a key workout — but it’s been so long since I raced. It occurred to me that I should go check out the course, partially inspired by a post at Predawn Runner, entitled “The Ultimate Race-Specific Training: Scouting the Course.” The post is really more about marathon training, but still. He makes a good case, dividing it into: Test the hills, Look for the tangents, Develop your mental game, and Visualization.

So glad I checked out the course. The hills are slightly more daunting than I might have thought looking at the map. Perhaps they’ll be a little easier running fast? Given that my last 5K I ran 24:12 pretty much anything is going to be a PR, but don’t think I’ll break 20 on this course. I ran the course, slowly, twice. In any case, it will make a big difference knowing what’s coming around the bend on race day, for sure.

Lots of little things to notice, not the least because most of the roads I’ve never been on, but also just noticing. Noticing the slight uphill grade at the start (later to be a slight downhill for the finish). Where the big hills are. The tangents. Getting a sense of what the pacing should be, or at least having the raw materials to think about the pacing…

Also noticing that the Hokas just eat up sidewalk and turn them into marshmallow. Quite satisfying.

A good race to train for. Am definitely going to make use of the hills in Griffith Park to full effect.

1:03     6.67 miles     9:35 min/mile


2 thoughts on “Scouting Out the Course

  1. Greg Strosaker

    Thanks again for the mention – I think scouting a course is worth the time even if only to get a sense of the hills, as it’s impossible to know even from an elevation map exactly how they will appear (and feel) when you run them.

    1. magnus26 Post author

      Could not agree more — it was a valuable exercise. As some philosopher said, “the map is not the territory.”

      And you’re welcome. Enjoyed your post today as well, as someone working on a bunch of little things at the moment…


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