The Kenyan, Again

There was a Kenyan in the park. He helped pace a friend of mine. He was so in tune with pace, he knew the feel of a 2 second per mile acceleration. This impresses the hell out of me.

I’m going to be focussing on getting the feel of my 5K pace, these 6 weeks. Nice piece on developing a sense of pace at Running Competitor, in case you missed it.

Today I did 6×400 @ 3K pace, per my plan, roughly fashioned after an old Matt Fitzgerald plan. I think I’ll be developing a real appreciation for that Kenyan. Haven’t quite found this pace yet, but even one session makes a difference. Though the times are only a second or two apart the pacing was all over the place, inefficient. During the 2 minute recoveries tried to keep focussed on form. One thing I didn’t do was focus on relaxing. Next time. Here’s how it went:

47.05     5.41 miles     8:42 min/mile         (Soon Daily Mile will be handling some of these statistical duties)

.25   6:23 min/mile   1:35.76

.25   6:19 min/mile   1:34.79

.25   6:27 min/mile   1:36.67

.25   6:17 min/mile   1:34.26

.25   6:13 min/mile   1:33.18

.25   6:14 min/mile   1:33.54


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