Today’s a rest day, and just a handful of days until my 5K. I predict something good. With the holiday, coach sprung a couple of epic, very hilly, long workouts, and though it’s not what I would have done, what a great relief to not have to do what I would have done. In any case, I feel quite confident about the hills. Something nice has happened with the breathing lately — it’s opened up. Not sure how else to explain it. But it’s good.

Been doing a lot of planks (three kinds) and push-ups (while some other exercises have fallen off the map), both of which contribute to good running form, I think. I even found a fairly handy motivational app to keep track of these activities.

And find that the Twitter format is more than adequate for sharing workouts. (In case you’re not on Twitter I put them on a sidebar here, over to the right. If you’re browsing on a phone, you scroll to near the bottom.) That’s it, really. Keep me in mind on February 24th!



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