Monthly Archives: March 2013

March Elevation

March has been a big running month for me, in both quantity and, perhaps less so, quality (see Twitter feed!).

I managed to transition out of a good race result from the 5K, into a more energized stretch of training, with sharpened goals, more focused training. I surprised myself by sticking with my strength training, which consists mostly of body weight exercises – but I continue to do them: push ups, three kinds of planks. More recently I’ve added clamshells, a modified bicycle and marching bridge pose – all basically stuff aimed at strengthening the posterior chain, and yes, the core.

Coach has been kicking my ass, not so much in terms of specific workouts, but more related to attitudes, expectations. I no longer require a recovery day after one of those group runs, though they are frequently very tasty workouts. Coach understands the value of variety, and hills, for sure.

And I’ve found some great running blogs for inspiration (posts to come on that front). Ok, well, for starters – this Canadian Olympian’s adventures in Kenya are really just to be recommended. Reid Coolsaet.

And tomorrow taking the overnight train to Santa Fe, elevation 7000 feet! I had read from some fairly reliable source that green tea extract helps with the adjustment. Hydration is also critical. Excited to do some easy running and photography, before launching into this April training. Half Marathon on May 6.