Running Books, Galore

Birthday haul. One more in the mail, Pete Larson’s (runblogger) Tread Lightly, on minimalism in running.

Notice that Jay Johnson is in Running with the Buffaloes. Could it be the same Jay Johnson, the coach? I suspect strongly it is. Of late, I’ve been doing Johnson’s lunge matrix before most of my runs.

The Fitzgerald book has me a tad concerned about my diet, not a bad thing. Getting enough carbs? Full of practical useful information, as usual. Both his Run and Brain Training or Runners are two of my favorites.

The Hutchinson book just came today, haven’t properly looked at it, but expect it’s up to his usual high standard. (See his fantastic article about pushing beyond the usual limits, “The Race Against Time“, here.)

Honestly, I think I have *most* of the running books I’m ever going to need, perhaps a few too many, even!

Currently preparing to get very creative about when I get my runs in, as time is gradually getting less easy to come by.


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