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Fragment #3 redeemed themselves today. After sending me the wrong shoe not once, but twice, they simply refunded my money and said I needn’t return either pair. That’s a lot of expensive shoe for free — even if they aren’t the ones I ordered.


Fragment #2

It took me a while to figure out why my trapezius is sore. Then, attempting a crab walk, it hit me. That’s tense. On Tuesday I did a crab walk drill uphill. Making sue to push the hips into the air, really bringing the leg way under. Fabulous stuff.

Fragment #1

Cause I always forget to write stuff down.

Runner (not me) has just run a pretty hard quarter mile and is making some pretty sorrowful, low, moaning noises, trying to spit something up, but comes up with nothing. He gave it his all. In fact, I’m somewhat alarmed by his effort. I know he has pushed the pain threshold, pretty hard, and that by comparison I let myself off the hook.

“He ran that really hard.” I say (I ran it with him, behind.)

“He’s just processing. He knows he can run it in 60 seconds, but he’s got to do more processing,” replies coach. And I think he’s right.