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photo by daniel canogar

Today was my second outing on a bicycle. Not ever, of course. But since I resigned myself that the injury I have is not going away any time soon. It’s not painful. There’s just a lack of confidence, for lack of a better description in some tendon or fascia or something, on the outside of the leg, from the ankle up. It’s weak. I thought it was just a strain. Perhaps it is. Certain it just needs time.

Cycling is weird. My legs are working pretty hard, but my lungs are just cruising along, no problem. I consulted with someone more experienced in such things and he advised more cycling. And, doing intervals to make it more aerobic. This makes a lot of sense, since my legs are not up for long hard rides yet.

This is a classic of example of too much, too soon, too old — after a break of a few weeks, combined with a lack of strength work. The too much section was an intense 3 hills workout, plus some hill bounding up a long asphalt “hill”, somewhere in there was the ankle roll. Then an all-day meditation (!) retreat where I was sitting all day with the legs tucked under, ankles flexed straight behind. Then returning, thinking I was ready, a rocky trail run. I guess I just did in the old ankle.

With a little luck I’ll be up and running in 4-6 weeks.


Hopping to Amir’s Garden

Went to the park a little before 6:30 a.m. and sat in my car wondering if anyone would materialize. Sure enough cars start showing up and some familiar faces. So finally get to meet “coach” Robert. He’s a crusty old guy, white hair, markedly bow-legged, in his seventies. Definitely has a tough love approach and is prone to some trash talking. He makes little eye contact and his eyes are a steely blue. At some point he yelled at me as I was fiddling with my watch, “Don’t worry about that, it won’t help you here.”

And mostly it doesn’t. The kind of running they do is quite different (though I am happy to find myself on many familiar trails, tracing up in the hills) that the watch and the data is mostly of marginal use. Elapsed time on today’s outing, for instance, was 1h 06m, whereas moving time was a mere 27:12. Our warm up was along a hilly trail, first bounding, then skipping (kick the butt), then some 15 second runs (I’ve been disabused of calling them sprints). I can feel that my hamstring is not right today, so tried to stay within some kind of bounds. Then we got to “the steps” which lead up to Amir’s Garden. (I’m hoping I’ll be able to find a photo of the hill). We did some runs up the steps, followed by two sequences of hopping up the steps. Great stuff.

By the time I was at the top I was done. Coach told me “in no circumstance” should I run the next downhill section fast, while a few others did, which was fine by me. We jogged down to the base and then on the way back ran 5 more 15 second runs — I can’t think of the right word for these, maybe “strides”? All in all, a good solid workout. I am very grateful to have found some people dedicated to the pursuit of 15 second strides and plyometrics in the park — so far from what I myself would do, left to my own devices. Just a little concerned about the hamstring. Tempted to go tomorrow. On Sunday they have a big run, followed by tailgating party that involves Mai Tais.

6:41 a.m.        27:12 (moving time)        2.15 miles        12:39 min/mile        417 elevation gain

For some of the 15 second-section I was running a 5:00 min/mile pace, which is unheard of for me.

The Race That Never Was




Saturday ran some very uncustomary intervals. I’m still feeling it. I’m not really used to running in groups. It stirred up the competitive spirit, and I may have overdone it. Let’s just call it the race I never had this year. Today about a mile into my run I had some pretty acute discomfort in the left hamstring.

If ever there was a moment to become very attentive to sensations this was it. Had it moved an iota into the pain zone (and it was very close), I might have abandoned the run. As it was, the discomfort subsided, though I was conscious of some occasional stiffness. Hopefully I didn’t mess things up…

43:20        5.04 miles        8:31 min/mile

Today the foam roller will be my friend.