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Oh. My.

It’s been quite a while. I’ve been in one of those slumps that sometimes hit post-race, but the race was in May. Around that time things were kind of becoming a little tense with coach, and then, to the astonishment of our running group he stopped showing up at all. Sure we see him in the park from time-to-time, in which case he grits his teeth, mutters things under his breath, “Oh, for goodness sake!” But essentially he seems to have gone AWOL. It is a little confusing, crazy, and sad. So, this is a little more than a post-race slump. There’s some mourning involved, I’m afraid. Not that he might not ever return. But if he did, that would be a different chapter.

In a slump, the running is not automatic. It requires motivation. This is a somewhat alien state affairs for me and requires skills I don’t usually have to apply to running. The running magazine lays on the table, untouched. There is no beet juicing. The mind is not awash in fartlek, long runs, or tallied mileage. What is my mileage?

No one from the group showed up this morning. I took my camera and hiked up two very steep mountain ridges, in the style of the group, taking a few pics here and there. This is out-of-breath, legs go to wobble hiking — no Sunday stroll in the park. Cardio and strength. Half way up the second ridge I was drenched in sweat. I jogged back down the winding trail and down a side trail we call “ankle breaker” (aptly named), watered at the over-pressured fountain, then headed home.


Tale of A Kenyan

There was a Kenyan in the park, I believe his name was Fredson. He used to go for “an easy twelve,” which he pronounced “twel-ev.” He liked to take a few runners up the hill they call “Colossus”, or maybe it was the “Whole Enchilada” — in any case, it’s a massive hill. The word “hill” doesn’t actually do it justice. Five times, he took them up. “Fun!” I said. “It was not fun,” was the sober response.

But I disagree. I want this. I will find this hill and run it multiple times. Maybe just twice to start. Maybe three times. I will fit this in.

My new (re-reading, had it since it came out in 2010) favorite running book, Run: The Mind-Body Method of Running by Feel by Matt Fitzgerald has a lot of interesting stuff to say about enjoyment and passion, and has me thinking about this hill. It’s a book, by the way, that I highly recommend, with one reservation. It won’t give you a training plan. But if you already run, and you are interested in delving a little deeper, this is a book that might repay repeated reads. That’s my experience, anyway.